Valentina R.Ireland
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I would like to thank Jessie for insightful and transformational sessions. They allowed me to go deep and better understand myself, identify blocks that were holding me back and define a path forward. I am grateful to Jessie for being supportive and empathetic throughout my journey of self-discovery. She created a safe space where I could face and explore my insecurities and be vulnerable. Jessie’s expertise and empathy worked magic on me. I have seen fundamental changes unfolding in my life as a result of our work.
Riaz M.South Africa
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I was pleasantly surprised that it is so simple to be hypnotized. Such a relaxed conscious state. I was so impressed with Jessie’s patience with me, I was struggling to visualize anything and my mind was totally blank. I was ready to give up but with her patience and perseverance we made a phenomenal discovery and breakthrough. I would sincerely recommend setting an appointment with Jessie.
Avivit F.New Jersey
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My session with Jessie was the first time I did hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Jessie explained the process to me during the Discovery Call so I felt prepared. During the session I was able to access feelings and memories I didn’t realize I had as well as a powerful connection to my subconscious. I was really blown away when I realized which mental obstacles prevented me from reaching my goals. It truly felt transformative. If you are struggling trying to understand certain aspects of your life, I recommend working with Jessie wholeheartedly.
Karen W. Portugal
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I highly recommend an RTT session with Jessie. The process itself is so gentle yet so powerful. What makes it so transformational is Jessie's expertise, skills, intuitive and empathetic gifts as a therapist. During the session, I discovered several long term & deep rooted beliefs and patterns that were transformed into a deeply integrated sense of joy, love and possibility. Truly life changing. Forever grateful. Thank you Jessie.
Jamie M.Brooklyn, NY
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My session with Jessie was incredibly profound. I released more emotions and healed more wounds than I had in 2 years of traditional talk therapy. My goal was to stop a bad habit, and since receiving RTT with Jessie over 5 months ago, I have not repeated the habit that I had since I was a child. Jessie is highly competent at what she does and her warmth, open heart and soothing voice served as a beautiful container for me to shift and transform. I have been recommending Jessie to many of my own clients, and they have also made incredible shifts in their healing. Thank you, Jessie!!!
Anita W.New Jersey
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The work I’ve been doing with Jessie is transformational. We’ve been revisiting different childhood traumas so I can reframe them in adult terms and heal and integrate the parts of myself that had been in distress.
Katya W.Maryland
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Jessie is naturally gifted in hypnosis and psychotherapy. I came to her for my extreme social anxiety and lack of self confidence. I have seen many therapists in my life for a range of issues including depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety. Not only is she an intuitive healer, but she is dedicated to her craft, and her greatest driver is helping you. Jessie has an uncanny ability to sense the guidance you personally need in order to overcome the challenges, obstacles, and pathologies you are facing. She was the first therapist I’ve had who was able to get to the root cause of my social anxiety problem - an issue I have been dealing with for 28 years. Since our session, I have become a different person in my social life. I have started thinking about and approaching my social interactions entirely from a new perspective, one of self-assurance, confidence, and dignity. I’m no longer completely unnerved by social situations, of letting people down, and of people judging me. I have more confidence in myself now than I have had in over a decade, my relationships have improved dramatically, and I have been able to let go of people who are weighing me down. Most importantly, I have been able to be myself instead of trying so hard to please people. It is true that it takes me continuing to do the work every day, but the fact is that I wouldn’t be at this point or know how to do any of this if it weren’t for Jessie and the deep work her and I did during our session. I am so happy with who I am becoming and that I’m finally able to make this progress in my life. I would recommend Jessie to all of my friends and family. She has used every spare moment to get the training, education, and do the research she needs to be the best. Jessie was born for this, and I would put all of my trust in her.

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